What IS Gelato, Anyway?

More and more people are specifically craving gelato these days. Not only does a scoop of gelato satisfy sweet cravings, but it also has a certain quality that makes it stand out among other desserts.

Some people think that gelato is simply the Italian term for ice cream but there are actually a few differences which is why more and more people are getting hooked to it.

Gelato or Ice Cream

An Italian gelato may look like regular ice cream but it has some distinct qualities, such as the intensity of its flavor.

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The top 5 Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers Available

Go to any social gathering or attraction where tasty snacks are available and chances are, you will see numerous people enjoying a delicious ice cream. Ice cream is one of the most popular snacks in the entire world.

Ice cream is a frozen dessert which is usually made from dairy products, especially cream and sugar, as well as other flavors including certain fruits and nuts. The ingredients are exposed to rapidly dropping temperature whilst being stirred slowly to incorporate air into the mixture. The end result is a delicious, soft, smooth, semi-solid foam that is easily malleable and scoop-able.

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Making Healthy Dessert Choices with an Ice Cream maker

Ice cream is the ultimate treat; kids and adults alike love the smooth, creamy and delectable taste of this dessert. In fact, there are very few who do not like this treat, and why not? It makes a hot summer day so much more enjoyable.

You can put it on practically any other dessert such as warm cobbler, a warm slice of pie or even a rich hot chocolate Brownie! However you like your ice cream you can have it! You can even have your ice cream as a healthy dessert.

Healthy eating = Healthy bodies:

In today’s hurried society, we often lose sight of eating healthy. Time constraints have us grabbing something quick and easy to fill the void in our stomachs. Consequently our bodies begin to suffer, we become more susceptible to colds, flu and other illnesses. This is not to say that the occasional hamburger and fries should always be passed over for a healthy salad, or that a treat should be avoided at all costs, on the contrary, you can eat cake and ice cream too!

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Cuisinart vs. Hamilton Beach Ice cream Makers

Hi there, folks. When looking for a ice cream maker, you will be faced with many different criteria for choosing one. From the size you need to the price, maybe even the brand name.

You may have even asked a few friends for their opinions on ice cream makers. Maybe you have gone to that HUGE online store, Amazon. Whilst there, the sheer amount of different ice cream machines can literally give you a headache.
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Top Rated Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker – This one ROCKS!

Just look at those smiles. Who wouldn’t want their kids grinning like that all the time? I know I do, that is why I give them their treats many times a day. It can be tough coming up with new and fun ideas all the time, but I manage.

One thing that helps me is kitchen gadgets and a whole lot of imagination. Convenience and ease of use is also quite important, as I may need to do something special at the spur of the moment. I find my ice cream maker an indispensable help. I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream??

I have used a number of them, and I must say the award for the best hand crank ice cream maker goes to the Donvier 837409W 1-Quart Ice Cream Maker.

First of all, it is a pretty versatile model since it is operated totally by hand, eliminating the need for any or electric power. This is an excellent feature because everyone who cares to make ice cream the old fashioned way knows that cranking 6 quarts of ice cream can get very tedious or tiring.

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