Ice Cream Sandwich Maker for a Unique Christmas Gift

Whether you call it Giant Sandwich, Vanilla Slice, Monaco Bar or the Maxibon Cookie, an ice cream sandwich is a delicious treat every single time, the world over. The different flavors and combinations that you can have are simply awesome.

My personal favourite is a chocolate chip and caramel toffee ice cream mix. It is simply heavenly. You are free to mix and match any of the ingredients to achieve your best possible taste.

This is a treat that I think is best made at home. This is because like I said before, you can make exactly what you like. You can pile the ice cream as much as you want between the cookies. You can make it as healthy or decadent as you like. There are many ways to make ice cream sandwiches. Most involve spreading as much ice cream as you can get on two cookies, mashing them together and scraping off the excess ice cream round the sides with a knife.

Nice and straight to the point, right? I don’t agree because of one thing. My kids are always underfoot at home and being the curious bunch they are, they always want to help out with my kitchen adventures. There is NO WAY I am letting my kids get close to a sharp kitchen knife just to scrape the edges of the cookies.

I found that there are machines that you can use to make perfectly shaped ice cream sandwiches. One of them is the Cuispro Mini Ice cream Sandwich Maker. This device lets you make 3 fun shapes i.e. star, circle and heart, when making your ice cream sandwiches. This has a double function of making you eat smaller portions while creating fun shapes that people will enjoy.

Making delicious ice cream sandwiches using the Cuispro Mini is an easy 4 steps process; just cut, scoop, cut and press. With no sharp edges, it is safe for even kids to use. The plastic it is made of is BPA free. This gadget is as easy to clean as it is to use, simply take it apart and pop in the top shelf of your dishwasher to get cleaned.

While the Cuispro is easy to use and all, you still have to have the cookies and ice cream before hand. One tool that removes the need for at least one part of this is the Nostalgia Electrics ICS-100 Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. This rectangular kitchen tool helps you to make the cookies you need for an ice cream sandwich. It comes with 2 circular and 2 rectangular molds to make the cookie of your choice.

It is also pretty easy to use. Largely plug and play, with indicator lights showing exactly when the cookie is ready. The non stick coating in the machine makes it easy to remove finished cookies and clean up.

The Nostalgia Electrics ICS-100 has a sturdy and durable plastic sandwich cutter that lets you create the perfect sandwich. It is important to know that kids can help with this as there are no sharp edges. The machine gets hot when it is working, and an oven mitt has to be worn to open it. Cleaning up is easy as all you have to do is let the machine cool down and then wipe it down with a clean damp cloth. The molds can be washed in a dishwasher.

Ice cream sandwiches are an easy and delicious treat to prepare. Making all the pieces at home lets you make them exactly to your preferred taste. Oreos too sweet for you? You can make a less sugary version. Custard creams too rich? Alter the recipe and use the Nostalgia ICS-100 to make that is exactly right for you.

Dreyers Butter Pecan not exactly right for your tummy? Make your perfect ice cream at home. Know a family with kids that like to help out in the kitchen? Treat making is always a fun family activity.

Make someone happy this Christmas with an ice cream sandwich maker. They are readily available on Amazon with super saver shipping.


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