Cute, Fun-to-use Ice Cream Maker For Kids

Hi there, folks. It is that time of year again, when your kids start bugging you about leaving cookies and milk, for the chubby man in red. Yep, Christmas is here again.

A few short weeks from now and Santa will be bringing gifts to your house. That’s cool, but now you have to ‘hint’ him about the interests of your kids, or other young ones in your family.

Sure, you may have the gamer, who wants a huge TV and yet another games console; you may also have the soccer-mad teen who wants the newest football boots for a proper kick-about. You just may have a mini chef in your life. You know the little boy or girl who always asks what is on the menu and its not just because they want to enjoy your treats, they are genuinely interested in what goes into making the food.

How do you find gifts for kids like these? You really can’t buy a set of pots and pans for a 6 year old, can you? No, no kitchen gadgets or utensils that have sharp edges, either. So, how are you supposed to encourage their culinary interest, while keeping them safe? Folks, I found a company that is doing wonderful things for kids creative and catering products.

Sassafras is a company that was started in 1977, with an innovative product; a pizza making kit for customers. They kept up with the pioneering spirit and started developing a kids’ version of that pizza making kit. Expanding the kids’ line of cook products has made Sassafras a reliable source of innovative, educational and well-designed products for kids.

Their products range from gardening products for kids to craft kits to baking and cooking kits and products that kids will absolutely love. This is due to the fact that the products actually work like the utensils and tools they see. They don’t feel like they are playing with ‘toys’; it makes them feel more grown-up, to be able to help with the cooking. This allows you and your kids to spend more time together doing things you love.

One of their products that really blew me away is the Sassafras Ice Cream Maker Kit, which is quite unlike any ice cream maker I had ever seen before. First off, it is CUTE!! The kit comes with  a real 1 pint ice cream maker, measuring 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches; the whole kit weighs about 5 pounds.

With this kids’ ice cream maker from Sassafras, your kids can make delicious treats ranging from good ol’ ice cream to sorbets to gelato with this fabulous ‘toy’. Having two compartments allows it to produce 2 different flavors every time. We all know its almost impossible to get 2 kids to agree to have the same of anything.

This baby doesn’t need any rock salt or crushed ice. Simply mix the ingredients that come with it or a recipe of yours, and place in the freezer. 4 hours later, you will have a wonderful frozen treat. This little workhorse is powered by 4 AAA batteries and requires 4 hours in the freezer. It is useful as its small dimensions means it doesn’t take up precious freezer space. After use, it is easy to place in the dishwasher to get cleaned.

The cool factor of having the Sassafras Ice Cream Maker is that kids will have tons of fun playing with this, whilst learning about measurements, careful mixing, and of course a valuable lesson in patience while they wait for their treat.

It is a very handy and welcome gift for a child who is interested in learning how to cook.

While there are many ice cream makers that kids can use, the Sassafras Ice Cream Maker Kit is one that is actually made FOR kids and it works like a treat. Its available on Amazon for a low price. I know a few kids who have been good this year that will be getting one of these this year.

What about you?



Photo Credit: santas milk and cookies, lil chef

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