Yonanas Deluxe Ice Cream Treat Maker Review

Hi there. It’s Adrian here with a review of the Yonanas Deluxe Ice Cream Treat Maker.

First off, this beautiful piece of kit turns frozen fruit and any flavouring you can dream up, into a yummy and healthy soft serve treat. You can use ANY fruit in season combined with bananas, chocolate, protein powder etc, to a delicious treat that the whole family would enjoy. The dessert produced has none of the preservatives, fat or sugar that store-bought ice cream usually has.

The dessert this unit makes is not called ice cream by some ‘purists’, but it’s of soft serve consistency, its healthy, its frozen, its creamy, that’s enough for me!

As the machine produces your treat, you can collect it directly into serving bowls. This eliminates the need to use up many bowls while making your chosen dessert. While the machine makes its product in batches, about 1 quart each time, you can use it back to back to produce multiple batches, as long as you have enough fruit.

How does this work?

The machine is made up of a plunger to push the fruit in, a cone shaped base that contains the blades, which is housed in a sturdy base. The machine is made so that you enjoy your dessert straight from the machine, if you choose to.

There is a blade in a cone at the base of the chute that purees the fruit as it is pressed down with the plunger. The motor is strong enough to chop up any fruit if you have follow my advice. ( HINT –  about thawing it out for a few minutes ).

The design of the Yonanas Ice Cream Maker allows the top part (the plunger) to be removed even while the machine is in use, which gives you the opportunity to constantly add more and more fruits for different yummy flavours.


Banana whip? Check. Pecan-chocolate-banana dessert? Check. Cantaloupe-raspberry sorbet? Check. What more can I say? This baby is a workhorse, able to produce as many desserts as you want. The only limit is your imagination.

To ensure a very well mixed, scrumptious dessert, add the fruit in layers. Add half a banana, then another fruit, then another half of a banana then a different fruit. This will give a totally awesome mix of creamy goodness for you to enjoy. Be careful when mixing though. You only need a handful of different fruit to achieve a different flavour.

It’s important to note that not all the fruit will blend into a puree-like state. Some fruit with seeds will definitely not be a smooth blend. Don’t be shy.  Experiment with different fruits, from raspberry, strawberry, peach, pineapple blueberry, even chunks of mango!

The quality of the banana whip it produces rivals ice cream makers four times its price. This makes it an excellent machine for such a minimal cost.

Even more uses for your Yonanas Deluxe Ice Cream Treat Maker

This baby can save your babies. LOL. What I mean is that, some of us have children with allergies, maybe to milk or to all things lactose. This machine produces treats that are very healthy (as the main ingredients are fruits), whilst allowing our loved ones with allergies to still enjoy lovely treats.

Also, have you got a teething baby? How would you feed them with creamy desserts while keeping them healthy? The answer is with the Yonanas. The soft serve consistency of the healthy fruity dessert it produces is just right for babies to enjoy.

Are you on a diet? Like the WeightWatchers diet? Did you know that on WW, fruit counts as zero points? Yup, you read that right, ZERO points. This means that with this appliance, you can have as many fruit desserts as you like and know that you are sticking with your diet plan and your goal of fitting into that dress in a few months.

Tips for Best use

Initially I found it hard to get the frozen dessert as my friends recommended. When I spoke to people about it, I was told to readjust what kind of fruit I use. I had been using the bananas straight from the freezer, but I was told to let them thaw for a few minutes before use. The bananas are used to provide creaminess and you use the other fruits to get the flavours you desire.

Also, the bananas must be ripe but not overripe and mushy. You know how bananas get spots on the skin, but are still firm on the inside? That’s the ‘sweet spot’ (no pun intended.) A neat tip is to peel your bananas, break it in half and re-freeze for 24hours. When you are ready to use, simply bring them out and thaw for about 5 minutes to make the best possible dessert.

Literally, you can have your dessert ready in about ten minutes, provided you have all your ingredients ready. And these ten minutes includes the washing up period. Freakin’ neat, isn’t it?

The 60W motor is strong enough to puree and mash any fruit you choose to experiment with. All you have to do is expose the frozen fruit to air for about 5 minutes to let it thaw for a bit, before use.

All done with your dessert? Time to clean up

Cleanup is flippin’ easy with this unit. Just watch this video.

All you have to do is to break down the machine immediately after use, into its washable units (chute, metal blades, plastic plunger, bowl) and wash by hand or in a dishwasher, or simply rinse under a flowing tap if you choose.

Some bits of your dessert will be stuck in the machine after use, but as long as you remember to clean immediately after use, you will be fine. Leave the parts to air dry and you have it all raring to go in a couple of minutes.
The chute, plunger, and blade are dishwasher safe.


The Yonanas takes up just a little space on your counter top. This is due to the design element that makes it more tall than wide. With the following dimensions, 7.5 x 6.1 x 14 inches; the Yonanas will sit on a counter top without getting in your way. It weighs only 1.4 pounds.


The black and silver finish of this gadget will match most kitchen décor. The plastic parts are BPA free.

While the housing is made of plastic, it is a sturdy solid part of the machine. The base contains the on /off switch, the electrical cord, the 60Hz 200W motor, and the bowl in which the product flows into.


People, there is a manual included in the package for a reason. While the machine comes fully assembled and ready to use, it will pay you to take a few minutes to read through the manual will help you avoid problems. One is not closing the chute assembly properly when you attach it to the body of the machine. This may lead to wearing away of the rubber gasket and leading to all your creamy dessert spilling out on the countertop.

All done with your dessert for today? Unscrew the top portion of the machine, and you have two parts that you can easily store in a cupboard.


The Yonanas combines sleek looks, an affordable price and the priceless quality of producing very healthy alternatives to traditional ice cream. You also can’t go wrong with the FREE shipping from Amazon.

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