Best Ice Cream Maker for Moms

Yaaay, folks, Christmas is here again. The family dinners, kids home for the holidays, loved ones travel home to be with you. The food is really one thing we also look forward to.

Statistically, December is the month people tend to pig out the most. Can you blame us? From roast turkey and crackling pig at Thanksgiving, to the mulled wine and brandy toddies after Christmas dinner, its no wonder we pile on the pounds in December.

We all have our favorite Christmas dinners. I am partial to any meal that has roast pork and tenderloin included, and of course, dessert has to be butter pecan toffee flavored ice cream. I have to keep coming up with new ways to eat it every year, but I don’t mind, I have 364 days to think of a recipe.

My ice cream journey really kicked off the year I received an ice cream maker for Christmas. Man, that was a treat. I think I spent that whole Christmas Day in the kitchen whipping up different quirky frozen treats for my guests. I had to do something with all the alcohol and ideas that were thrown my way. Baileys + Vanilla ice cream, anyone? LOL.

Thinking of giving someone an ice cream maker this Christmas?

You need to be mindful of a few things. Like all other gifts, you should know the kind of person you are buying the gift for. Let us say you are buying an ice cream maker for a mom, it is important to think about her personality and how this translates into how she cooks. While some people are wham-bam-thank-you-maám cooks who still whip up a splendid meal every time, others take their time, seeming to take all day to make meals, but you are guaranteed to enjoy the end-product.

Both types should definitely have ice cream at the tables for dessert (why wouldn’t they? It is the worlds’ favorite dessert. There, I said it.)

Seriously though, buying a kitchen appliance involves taking a minute or three to think about the person who will use the appliance. Some people are real tech-freaks and adore appliances with different settings, fancy timers, alarms and a 300-page manual. Other people want the simplicity and ease of a one—button operation. Luckily for you and all other ice cream lovers out there, there are machines that can be used by both types of people and all types in between.

Ice Cream Makers for Specific People

Lets take a super geeky mom, who loves her high tech kitchen gadgets, who has to have her espresso straight outta the DeLonghi Lattissima Capsule System, who wouldn’t make coffee, boil water for tea without this beauty, who may even have a special machine for making shavings. LOL.

Lello Lussino 4080 ice cream makerAn ice cream maker for a lover of tech would be the sleek DeLonghi Lello 4080 Gelato maker. With its 40 pound weight, this aint no shrinkin’ violet, and it will produce 1.5 quarts of ice cream, gelato or sorbet in less than 30 minutes.

The shiny, exterior will fit into any kitchen and is a favorite amongst many, regardless of the above-average price. I guess people correctly equate the high price to outstanding quality and they are right. Read a review of the Lello 4080 here.

For the no-frills mom, you know, the one who has a basic set of  pots and pans, who doesn’t mind boiling water in this ‘old thing‘, the classic Cuisinart ICE 21 is just perfect. It is really easy to assemble, easy to clean and a breeze to use.

The fact that it comes in 11 colors, makes it appeal to many more users. It makes 1.5 quarts of any frozen dessert in 20 minutes. Read more about the Cuisinart ICE 21 here.

On a budget? No problem. For the young mom living  in a smaller apartment, who may not have a large freezer to store the freezer bowls for most of the larger models, a cute 1-quart Donvier Ice Cream Maker is available.

The Donvier is a popular gadget with young couples, single folks and people who live in smaller apartments. Made up of only 5 easy-to-assemble parts, it is just right for them.

With its 1-quart capacity, you will never be afraid of  wasting any of the frozen dessert. It is a cinch to use, read more about it here to find out how it works.

Folks, there are ice cream makers for all kinds of cooks and any budget.  All I ask is to keep the personality of the person in mind, so that you give a gift that will be appreciated and used for many many years.

Go on, give someone a gift they will love and cherish this Christmas.

Happy Holidays!!!



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